Saturday, November 24, 2012

Finding new Search Sources

Finding New Search Sources

As the holiday time fast approaches I skim over much of the news that floats across my screen.

It is nice to know that once in a while a tidbit jumps out and says, "look at me".

Not having much experience in using this site I still wanted to share it with others.

Public Records Free Directory for People Search in the U.S

It is called  for trademark.

It has very much intrigued my sister in law and I. Wondering if we could find a Denzien, Denzine relative somewhere along the line. Where you ask, mostly anywhere, but some were in Ohio, some were in Poland.

We tried Michael Denzine, requesting Ohio or Poland.

We got this and were very surprised.

Here is hoping this site may be of use to you.

Records Found
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2 Birth Records found for Michael Denzine »
14 Death Records found for Michael Denzine »
3 Marriage Records found for Michael Denzine »
0 Divorce Records found for Michael Denzine »
1 Living People Records Found for Michael Denzine

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