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October Lemon Grove Library Schedule

 Lemon Grove Library Schedule for October

3 October                New York Resources by Shirley Becker

New York Resources  will cover places to look and things to dig out for hunting down the ever elusive New York ancestor. It really says it all in it's title.  Come learn about New York Resources and share your experiences with attendees.  For obvious reason's New York is known as the "BlACK HOLE" of Genealogy for United States Research.

Shirley Becker as a born New Yorker, has spent many years doing research in New York State. She is also Past President, and Past Newspaper Editor among other jobs she has held in the Chula Vista Genealogical Society.  She has given many talks over the years and she has some great Organizational Skills she passes on ever so often in talks. She also hosts the Computer  Research Meeting  at the  Chula Vista Library for the society every month.  

18 October              Virginia and West Virginia Resources by Susi Pentico

Virginia was a large state covering to the Mississippi River early later shrinking down to it present size.  It also encompassed a portion of North Carolina very early. It was the early Fur Trade agreements that expanded Virginia to cover to the mighty Mississippi River (Northwest Territory).

As states developed and lands were re-marked for statehood the boundaries changed. 
West Virginia was taken from Virginia when the Civil War divided the peoples of the region. 
We will be talking a lot about early life, to time of the Civil War for records,  up through division of the state.
Come learn more about these to states sources and maps availability.

Susi Pentico has taught classes on the Mid Atlantic region for more than 20 years.  She has many ancestors from this region. She is a lecturer, writer and the Educational Chairperson for the Chula Vista Genealogical Society.

Susi can be reached at or 619 623 5250
Shirley Becker can be reached at

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