Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Picnic Success, Neighbors Found

Picnic Success and Neighbors Found

We held this, Getting to know your Neighbor," picnic to expose members to more members whom may be researching same areas, same names and to help our growing society to be better acquainted with our new members.

We had  two new guests, which are always welcome.

 A Birthday Cake was brought to celebrate Gary's birthday and all the other August birthdays. Wow there was a lot of them. That was a surprise from Virginia who could not come due to knee surgery.
Having passed her five Generation Chart around for others to be familiar with her names, we found her two potential links.

 We have others in the society whom are digging around in South West Pennsylvania, and southern Ohio.

 We learned two people had DILL, 3 people had HENDERSON, 2 people had PRATHER, 2 people had ROOT, 2 people had SWEET.  I believe as I toured the tables that there were others with same surnames such as SMITH.  There may have been more potential links I missed.

Gary working as MC for the event forgot his five generation chart.

Having it as a successful getting to know your fellow members and their names seemed to say, a five Generation chart is good but one should have one like Randy Seaver's who had one huge Fan Chart done by family years ago.

It was suggested by many, that we do a Ten Generation Chart event soon for those who are farther back in lineage.  Two members are back about 13 generations and many have one line back 9 or 10 generations with other lines only back 2 or 3 generations, with major brick walls in their way.

For those of you reading this I believe I have found where we can get the big 15 Generation Charts some were showing.

We covered Europe, England, Scotland, Ireland,  many areas of the United States and Mexico.
 Suspecting everyone learned something new and different.

 Gary's games about the knowledge of the 13 Original Colonies was quite interesting.

 Do you know where the first Little League Game was played?

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