Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sharing Urls and More Information

As we are accepting Veteran's Day and the loss of  members of our family and friends and preparing for Thanksgiving and other Holiday's, I thought I would share scattered links and data.

Some of our blogging friends wrote some great memorials to their ancestors. Others are asking we help to help find the families of veterans whom die away from home and family has no idea where they are or were.

Having attended a great Italian Genealogy Event I will share an Italian site with you.

 Everything you want to know about Italian Names - by Steve Russo

Looking for ever in New York for elusive Wrights and Wilsons, we found some neat maps that may be helpful for others.

New York county maps cities towns full color

New York State | Map-NY

New York State and County Maps and Atlases great interactive map.

When doing research do you watch the dates and boundary changes for information? Did you know that Seneca County New York was a partial home of Tompkins County later founded?

If you look for Tompkins County in 1810 you will not find it. Have to wait until 1820 since it was founded April 7,  1817 from Seneca and Cayuga Counties.

Maybe wanting more help in New England  and New York Colonial American Genealogy try this site.

It has the Barbour Collection here.

Companion site is here.

Many new blogs and sources show up all the time.

My posts on some of my ancestors whom served are here:
Surname Saturday a bit late. HIGGINS, - Genealogy Wise
next post is about Sanford Hoffman son of man in this picture.

And Just for Fun.

The Homestead Survival: Raspberry- Dark Chocolate Banana Bread Recipe

Lots of survival data here for your appreciation.

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