Saturday, September 22, 2012

Follow the Path

Today sharing the information that, we see, we think we see and we hear and we think we hear and yet we miss the vital clue.

How does this happen you say?  Example:  Everyone sets down to the table, everyone has milk but one person always has coffee or water.  Do you ever question why that happened?   Did it ever occur to you that this person maybe was milk intolerant?  I did not, and when later I asked about the milk intolerance I was told, "Did you ever see me drink a glass of milk?".  Wow, what a thought to have seen and not seen.

How often does that  happen in your life? Are you missing vital clues to the health of your ancestors, and family members?

We see smoking and we all have been made aware of it's side affects, but we do not see, so many things we see and do not mentally register it as a clue.

Certain foods people can eat and others can not, is this a common thing in the family or unique?

Were your ancestors, active and strong and busy, in the fields and the barns and work with animals maybe?  Or were they a person living in town and a Bookkeeping clerk or Dry goods  clerk?  Are these clues to their health?  Was breathing the wheat, oat or rye chaff, an irritant to the lungs and bronchial tubes?  Were their health needs a clue to why they did  certain occupations?  Was certain occupations a clue to their health needs?

This is the first of many articles that will be added over the coming days. Mixed with urls and other suggestions for research.

We will be Following the Path of many genealogical thoughts that suddenly seem to be surfacing.

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