Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving 21 Nov for Nov 22 ,2012 Celebration


Thanksgiving is the topic for class Wednesday evening.  Do come and help make memories for your Thanksgiving this year.

6 to 8 pm Lemon Grove Library, 8073 Broadway, Lemon Grove, CA

Wishing everyone a safe and blessed Thanksgiving Day.

Truly wishing we think of our countries less fortunate this year.  The east coast has suffered a massive loss of property, lives and peace of mind.

Hoping everyone takes the time to give something to them for recovery. It is amazing how fast a few dollars add up if everyone shares.  

Personally, I am thankful to all the great people who have attended the classes and helped share their knowledge on their own lineages. The Brick Walls, they have and the walls they have  broken down.

I am most grateful to the San Diego County Library System for allowing us to share time and knowledge with others.

Our families are our lives.  Whether it was a GrandFather or GrandMother that made our Thanksgiving one we remember it is was family that kept us  going and still does.

We need the knowledge of our Great Great Grandparents lives to appreciate our own.  Many of us in that bracket had Civil War Veterans.  If you go back five to six generations your talking of the War of 1812 and the Revolutionary War.  The creating of our nation as a self established government.

Thanksgiving came about when the Pilgrims and Indians shared situations to survive very early in our existence on this continent.  I am most thankful I belong to both sides of the creation of Thanksgiving.

If unable to attend, here is still wishing you a very Blessed, Joyous Thanksgiving.

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