Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Family History Month Daily Prompt.

Today is the first day of Family History Month.  The first year I was working on line and we had put together a 30 day daily event for attendees to participate in.

It was awesome, people from LDS, NGS, NEHGS, and many other organizations were guest speakers each night for one hour.

Maybe next year we can try this again on Google Plus.

So what did you do for Family History Day today?

I  attended a Workshop Meeting for Saturday's workshop, I Pad would not work so I asked Karen to prompt what we needed to complete since I had also been gone two + weeks.  We are ready? Are you attending?

Then attended a Board Meeting for CVGS.  Some interesting comments battered around, nothing decided though.  Did let the board know I would be working to get more people to bring gifts and food for the Salvation Army project we have done for many, many years.

Wrote a letter to a Family Search Director with a suggestion that was batted around in Blackfoot, ID.
Since it was a question often asked many of us, I decided to ask farther up the chain.

Please come to the Workshop on Saturday. It is FREE.  FREE.  You will receive a working Chart from Janet Hovorka and additional information from the Chula Vista Genealogical Society.

You will be part of a Memory Making Event, hoping you repeat some of this for your own family at Holiday Time.

You will learn how to get your family involved in learning about their own family.  The ideas are really so simple yet unique we hope you will enjoy it as much as we have putting it together.

There will be coffee and light refreshment, an hour for you to have your lunch.

Lastly, Thanks to Janet H's assistance in this we are hoping for a major success. The Chart Chick.

Bonita - Sunnyside Library,  4375 Bonita Rd, Bonita, CA 91902   10 am  to 4 pm

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