Sunday, October 5, 2014

Family History Information No. 5 CHARTS

Charts, Charts and Charts
 by Susi Pentico

Whether your a beginner or advanced here is hoping you always have an eye out for a new or different chart.
Ever once in a while a better one seems to fit into your plans.

Our recent workshop showed that many chart sites have bit the dust and are no longer on line.
So new ones are cropping up.

Cyndi Ingle's said Research Log is very key, having preached that for some time it made my heart sing.

Some charts can do more help than your aware until you start to use them.

Of course your aware of the 5 Generation Chart or 4 Gen Chart etc but what about the other 20 or so that I located and 2 that Randy Seaver created. I use those all the time. In fact, he updated them because he didn't realize the age of them.  Thanks Randy.

Below I am going to list places to have you look and try a few different charts, but first I want you to promise me you will attempt to use a Research Log if you have never done it before. It can become your fast friend in  many ways of negative and positive research.

 Our society has many charts listed on it's pages.

A staple site I keep handy for charts.

This site is worth looking into.  Thanks Bethel and Shirley for the find.

Hope you look into these and start working with a Research Log.  

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