Friday, October 17, 2014

More Maryland Records, Early Frederick County, Maryland

After scanning a link I had saved some years back I discovered that some of the Society's surnames are
repeated often in some of these files.

Having no knowledge if there is any connection I still wanted to make the group aware of what may be a help in their research.

County Records - Mid Maryland Roots

This is not the master page of this Maryland site.

Some very interesting things to read if your looking for family early to current.

Why am I here, because a tax list in Greene Co. PA said when Henry Huffman/Hoffman filled it out that he was born in Maryland.  We know his father was John Huffman.

What was interesting was I was reading early Wills and there was mention of Cumberland Co., PA and the Myers that we are tracking also.  I even found reference to a Blessing.  Wonders never cease.

Due to cousins serious illness, I do not recall if this John Huffman who died in 1820's listed here in is her direct line.  We do have John, George and Henry as siblings in documents. I have since found that Rudolph was sibling also.  These were large families and some were scattered and some were close.

So for  those looking remember this neck of the woods, it was early Prince George's County before 1748. 

Reading the Equity Court Records, is much like reading a Will book.  You can find family links with in the documents from various land movements via sales or death or both.

Frederick Counties Equity Abstracts are from 1815 to 1950's Wills from 1748 to 1946.

Washington Co. Will Abstracts partial, Carroll Co. Will Abstracts partial.

Even seen this link  All goes to the site.  What another great site for Maryland Research, which boundaries into VA and PA remember that when researching.

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