Sunday, October 26, 2014

Some Hints and Tips and Places to Play.

Today sharing information, that has been accumulating on my desktop.  Things I hope may help you
in your researching and learning.

Did you know My Heritage and 23 and Me has joined forces for more assistance in knowledge?

Want more information about Kentucky?  Do not forget to use for queries, surnames and county information. It is Free.  Remember to give a try also.  Some say Wiki  is good.
I am still battling the good and the bad and the sorta in the middle agenda on them.

But when you get to looking with a ferocious intensity you may want to spend a small amount and try this site.

If your looking  for a fairly easy computer program for you research you may want to try
My Heritage. I have used it for four years with major success. It does have a fee but it is stored in the cloud.  ( Off your own computer and can not be lost if system crashes). It has shaking leaves like Ancestry.
This months newsletter talks of various Halloween themed activities.  Death Collections, Cemeteries
being digitized, and Death Records. Also adds information on Virtual Cemetery and a Halloween Themed webinar.

If you are looking for more fun, then join InDepth for their many talks, topics and activities.
This Fair takes place October 28, 29, & 30 , 2014 on line, live and via the internet.

There are many topics and discussions help within the Genealogical & Historical Research Group.

Heads up regarding a closure for Renovations.  Since some people go south in the winter for research you should be aware that:  
Sam Houston Regional Library and Research Center to Close Temporarily for Renovations.

see this article.

New England Regional Genealogical Conference::::: April 15-18, 2015
Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence.
News from Diane Boumenot

 Indiana News on Digitalization of 13M Vital Records from Leland's blog from the Indy Star.

Lastly, from Leland's blog is this:  Cook County Cemetery at Dunning, Chicago Illinois Database of nearly 8000 no available.Read the full article.

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