Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Research Methods to Help You

Research Methods to Help You

Methods to help you have the results you seek

1.   Record Keeping is Critical
2.  Timeline is a boost for research
3.  Know your Census’s Difference
4.  Go back to where you were before and recheck for new data, especially
5.   Do not waste steps  : > )

Do you wonder what that statement means?   

1    1.  When doing census research always, check page before and after page your looking at for more kin.  Save if some are there.  I was taught 20 up 20 down but since have learned page before and page after saves time, verses having to go back.

2.  When researching a book. Make sure your using the Research Log, with page date, name, title, library affiliate etc. Just in case you find a link to more people involved in that family. Always use your Research Log,      :   >  )           

3.  Same applies for Online Research, catalogue it and be able to quickly go back to  reinforce or gather more information.

4.  Do not be afraid of Archive Research, I have found it the most fun of all the research events I have done. 

5.  Become aware of what inhabitants created the state your researching, makes a difference to what the library will have in it’s archives. 

Do you know what Cluster Research is?

Have you tried it?

We will next  talk on Cluster Research, whether it be American or European.  Have You Tried It?

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