Friday, October 10, 2014

Family History Month No. 10 Electronics?

 This seems to suddenly be up in the face of genealogists, not a  bad thing we do need to be very aware.

1. Genealogy Bank has a book that will help I -Pad users on sale, Yes, I am getting one.
Special Offer from GenealogyBank
I should have covered this sooner but had to think about it as advertisement and then thought about it as Educational.  Educational won out.

If others are struggling to make their I Pad  work like a computer this is a big help.   I can use a powerhouse. I can use the knowledge.

Lisa Louise Cooke is the writer of this book. 159 pages of knowledge.

2. NGS posted today is ELECTRONIC RECORDS DAY.  See that fits right in with learning how to make you I - Pad work better for you.

This is my biggest short fall. Older computer needs all the data taken off so I do not have to re do it.

3. Must keep track of those thumb drives with all the talks on them I keep giving to others for when I am away.

4.  Do you upgrade your computer system and programs as you should?  Alas I am always struggling as to what I need and what I do not want. Then how do you know which is the  right  one?  Truly not  techie, mechanical yes.

5.  Do you keep your genealogical program current or let it slide also?

6.  Are you aware if your computer gets a certain age or your printer that they may no longer be compatible and work together?  My fear of to much upgrading is that can happen.

7.  Do you have other hand held devices? I have a great scanner and I think it has an upgrade also
need to ask Leland.

8.  What  about your recording device or do you just use your I - Pad?

9.  Of course then those who have I-Phones or cell phones that get upgraded, what about those?

10.  I am sure I missed lots of other devices but those are on the top of my head for thoughts.

I can send you or you can go to NGS Blog for all their hints and tips.  I see they also have a list of  ten.
I am going to read it now. Up Front with NG

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