Monday, October 20, 2014

Ohio Hints and Tips

As I wandered off to my go to first site, I came across some interesting side bar research.

Ohio Research Exchange Project

The site is listed different than many but I am finding much data to be garnered here.
County Formation Maps, Ohio Vital Records, Ohio History,  GNIS for land features and historical places.

A message board system & Ohio Civil War Veterans Burial Database, yes so cool to see this.

Ohio-L Mailing List something everyone researching in Ohio or near Ohio borders should be using.

Ohio Family group sheets are here for those whom have turned them in.  The Underground Railroad Association,  Life on the Ohio and Erie Canal, much data about the Civil War is listed in various groups. Census information,, and the Ohio State  Library Genealogy Blog.

I have highlighted some of the sources listed here for research and use and knowledge.

They say they are on Facebook, that I have missed will go find it.

Some data from under LDS site Family Search is here
Ohio, Deaths and Burials 1854 to 1997.

Ohio, County Death Records, 1840-2001 —
Ohio County Death Records, 1840 -2001

Here is one on USGeneral Index to Pension Files 1861-1934
United States General Index to Pension Files, 1861-1934 —

Ohio Reunions

Ohio Genealogical Society

They also list state and county and national Resources as separate data on the Ohio GenWeb Project page.

You do know it's the Buckeye State?

Research in State of Ohio Counties, Government ... - Genealogy Inc

Ohio Family History Research -


Much information on the ethnicities that settled the various areas and when here.

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