Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Family HIstory Month Maps and more Maps

If you enjoy using maps like I do these sites may be of interest to you.

Preferring to have a Timeline that may follow along may be something for you to think about.

The United States changed fairly rapidly once it became independent of the UK.

Old Maps Online: Project

This site has many features it even pulls up my home area.

Then Randy's friend James Tanner has some great sources for Digital Maps of the States on his blog page:  Genealogy's Star: Online Digital Map Collections by State. I stumbled on to this site som etime back when looking for some specific data.

Having found James Tanners' site I recommend you follow him often or steady.

A newspaper article about Ancient counties and boundaries was discussed and displayed in the paper
"The Telegraph".Historic atlas with ancient counties and boundaries published online - Telegraph

Covering 500 years, and said to be vital for those who are research earlier Great Britian's area of Scotland, Wales and England.

How about NYC and wow the changes that were made.  Try this for the early parks and all the changes.
Historic Maps Reveal the Secrets of Four Iconic NYC Parks - That's Rather Historic - Curbed NY

Lots of side features listed that may help you in finding information of where to look in NYC.

More Maps of the American Nations | JayMan's Blog  another site for more information, lots of current information.

The Border Dispute and the "Aroostook War" Deals with Maine and New Brunswick border finalization.

The Map Of Native American Tribes You've Never Seen Before : Code Switch : NPR
I go back and reread this often.

How about this one?(99) Surname distribution maps  This is Facebook but never leave a rock unturned.

Have a great time and enjoy what I have given. My list is much longer.

New Jersey Historical Maps

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