Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Do You Use Mailing Lists? Message Boards?

O way back when Brian L and others were making news with computer systems and programs and all that  good stuff. John Fuller came along and added to the fun. Rest in Peace John your sorely missed.

RootsWeb.com - Genealogy mailing lists

I think many do not use these because they are fearing fees from Ancestry.  NO, These are free.

There is much information that can be found on the beginning pages of the above site.

You can look for names, (surnames), and areas both/ County lists are great to narrow down your

When people only had usgenweb.org to go to these lists were used more but do not forget them their value is still there.

I at times, rotate the lists I belong to but you can go to the archives and read the ones you may think pertinent.

Also use the message boards they are also important.

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