Saturday, April 30, 2016

A Great Day Full of Information. Thanks Mr. Olsen.

Today our society hosted Mr. Mark Olsen and a talk about Many side comments about Randy Seaver's knowledge of the program.  I suspect he uses it as much if not more than I do.

The presentation was informative and very educational for all.  The idea you can use their library without being a member should have woke many up.  I only found the note about what line on Census your query person is on yesterday and I have used census pages for quite some time.

 I can say I love the Newspaper connections, except that one name is stuck.  I have gotten lots of good data to use and help me over a hump by having that information.

I like the Timeline feature and the fact Feature and all the ways you can move easily through different
systems within the system.

When you look at the time line you can tell what data is missing to give you a factual account of that time frame.

He talked about the Book Matching and the online class given yesterday which I missed and am going to try and find.

There are so many features to use and enjoy and move your genealogy forward with accuracy.

It was interesting to see the astonishment on some of the members faces as the presentation was given.  Others gave great comments also. Many questions were asked, about various features.

I am sure Randy will blog about this also but wanted you to know what you missed and some of the features that are free for everyone to use.  This site is done in many languages and is in over 100 countries.  That is just the tip of the iceberg.

All this does not mean that you should give up looking at books in the library and never will all data be on line though more is today than five years ago. But a long way from all.

Genealogy and it's research methods have made major shifts in the last ten years.

 I was part of the Longest Marathon Hangout some years ago. So fun to  meet people all over the world.

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