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May Day, What Do You Remember?

May Day,  What Do You Remember?

Being born pre 1950, we celebrated May Day at school all my school years.

Mom helped us gather a flower or two and put it in a piece of newspaper and attach it to a neighbors door.  

At school we all had to wind the ribbons around the MayPole.  Having taught my children to do the same on May Day, I wonder if they remember?   Schools stopped doing it and the tradition died.

Today they imply that it was a Political Event so not allowed.

Here are some links that state it as I remember it, and think it a shame we do not continue to do it.

It has to be one of the older celebrated events by peoples everywhere that does not constitute blood shed and pain. It recommends fun and love and caring for others

Going to copy a wee bit from the above site but it would behoove you to click the link and learn more.

"Who doesn’t love a good holiday? While May Day is a celebration that has happened worldwide for centuries, it’s still a little mysterious. Not religious, not secular, it’s a little both, and it’s celebrated every May 1! Click through to find out five important facts about May Day!"

1. There’s a reason why it’s celebrated on May 1  It represents the beginning of summer holiday in pre Christian Europe.
2. It’s been celebrated since the Roman Republic era
It mentions the Goddess of Flowers via Romans, and Gaelic  summer festival of Beltrane , still done in areas of ireland today.
3.  It changed significantly after the rise of Christianity
It became a more secular,  now light hearted and celebrating spring and summer. 

I did not find what I was taught about the Maypole on any of the sites. Wonder how the Sister's came up with their comments and said it was to do with Germany and Russian peoples.

4. The holiday is best symbolized by the maypole
(I was taught the weaving of the ribbons were binding people together). I think it really implies alot.  As humans we are bound together more than most accept or realize maybe.
5. Germany has the biggest May Day celebration
 it represents a pagan  Tradition and a celebration of St. WAlburga, who is credited with bringing Christianity to German..  Interesting how one led to the other.

Click the link above and learn about May Day.

What a nice way to wake up in the morning step out the door and find a couple of flowers hanging on your door knob or in a vase.  They weaving the colored ribbons together to make us remember we are all one people of many color but blood is the same color inside.

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