Sunday, April 3, 2016

Chula Vista Genealogical Society Special Event

 Save this Date:  Saturday  30 April 2016   1 P M to 3 P M.

 Make sure you Register please, please.

 Chula Vista Civic Center Library Auditorium

 Special Event Topic-----

 "My Heritage - Amazing Technology Changing the World of Genealogy"

  Presented by:  MARK OLSEN

  Mark Olsen is a Business Development Manager at MyHeritage.  He has a degree in Genealogy
  and Family History with Spanish Emphasis from Brigham Young University.

  Meeting Mark at the Burbank Jamboree several years and working with him when he asked if I
  work with him to launch and learn about the Google HangOut.

  He and Sara are the proud parents of seven children and two grandchildren.
  Mr. Olsen serves as a director on the FGS, Board of Directors.

  MyHeritage has created technology that will blow your socks off. From automatic record match-
  ing to new technology not yet announced MyHeritage is on the forefront of technology.  This
  automation and advances in technology are helping millions connect with their past faster and
  more accurately than ever before.

   Please register for this event if you intend to attend so we may better prepare the venue.

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