Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Puzzle Pieces, by Susi Pentico

Puzzle Pieces, That is What They Are
Putting together new data into my program, my mind said, new pieces to the puzzle.
Yes, they are new pieces to the puzzle.  That is why we ask or are supposed to be asking each family member for help in resolving our lost data.
Each member of the family takes away a different thought besides their shared thoughts. Each person remembers activities differently in prospective to their selves instead of others.  It is like a cup of water, is it half empty or half full. It is how we perceive it. 
Easter was a great event, Easter was an okay event, Easter happened lets move on.   
So what did Grandad do?  O he farmed, O he worked for others, Yes, he built things to use, So what did he really do?
Depending on your prospective of what you absorbed while visiting or talking to him or to others that is your answer.
A prime example I have in our tree is a 5th Grandfather.  He had a very busy life. Every census he listed himself as a Farmer.  But, O yes that word is there.  He built bridges, he designed the first free standing circular stair way for his daughter and grand daughter's home, he shared in the building of barns and homes.  I suspect he was truly an architect.  One bridge they had trouble with and he showed them how to resolve the problem. Last I heard bridge still there. I have the clipping with the stairwell and article in the paper for the stairway.
So it is all in your prospective and your relatives prospective of life and happenings.  
How many of the early people could read and write and sign their names and were schooled?
We have at least one of those in our lines, Thomas Scott in Halifax Co. Va. He owned books, several in fact.
Truly wish more was written about the man. Few men let alone less women were learned to read and write in the 1700's.  Even into the 1800's school were just starting to be built and some were home schooled if the family already had the knowledge to do these things. 
In those times it was more important to make sure that the fields were planted, the gardens were growing and the sheep and animals were fed.  After all you needed wheat for flour, garden for eating and sheep for wool and clothing.
Just examples of needs verses today. 
So share your puzzle pieces on an ancestor we may share, we may end up with a more whole human than slanted.

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