Monday, April 25, 2016

Preservation Week ------ Are you Preserving family stories?

Having someone ask the question they did a couple days ago reminded me that we need to preserve our stories and heritage for the grandchildren whom are not listening now.

Death always brings many different emotions.  The strongest one is there is no more feedback, comment or contact.

A few days ago Judy Russell commented if we did not write stories of current situations down it is gone in 3 generations. Which means your grandchildren do not even know the NOWS of TODAY.

Funny I was thinking of that the other day because our Grandchildren have all scattered or appeared to have scattered about. From Boston to Los Angeles is a scatter I believe. Boston was thinking of Scotland for the future that is even farther away. I heard New Orleans mentioned by another.

So having the stories from my Grandparents and one Great Grandmother, what am I to do.
Yes, write it down and make it a gift at various events during their lives.

I have not heard if our Library is celebrating this event. I hope so.   They just made a great area for Military Veterans Data to be preserved and that is mostly Grandparent, Uncle information though we did have Aunt and Grandma active also in WW11.
As a reader recently asked, " Have you talked about death?"  What your family member may want?
It is hard for a five year old to remember someone if they are not raised around them and familiar with their daily routine.  They will remember if they walked them to bed and shared snacks and spent time sharing time.  If this did not happen they will not remember not even at 12 or 13.

So stop and take the time to write at least one or two things about each person in your tree that you have been in touch with, met and shared time with.  Each of you may think of a different trait or attribute that your sibling.  Wow, what a more complete memoir you can make.

Recently cousins came to visit, after 35+ years of communicating. They looked at a binder I had put together on our common family.  They was amazed to see documents in with pictures and other sources combined in the binder.  Having wanting sources with data and pictures, I attempt when doing a binder to keep it together.  Knowing I have mislaid many important pieces of papers in my earlier research because as I go through a 30 year old box, up will pop something I forgot I had received. Much better all together, especially now that sourcing is so vital and learning many family
members do not seem to have a care.

Once in awhile someone will pop up with a question.  Having attempted to share family stories and information with our children from the time small. Took them to see my Aunt's and Uncles and many cousins.  Shared over night stays with their children to become more familiar with kin not near us.

My goal for the week is to make a mini story about each of my oldest known Ancestors. What is yours?

Yesterday I wrote about my Grandma Inez Mae Scott Hoffman.

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