Thursday, April 14, 2016

In Research, Do You Track the Weather?

In Research, Do You Track the Weather?

Several years ago I was doing a class on research at the Lemon Grove Library and then they closed for remodeling the Encyclopedia's I was using disappeared. Never to be seen again, they were
very important to genealogists.

You have missing people, you think they were hatched.  It just may be they were caught in one of the
 many horrid strong storms that hit the country early in our time.

Have you read of the Hurricane that wiped out many people early?

Great Colonial Hurricane of 1635 - Track

 I found this on Ancestry but I suspect that google may find us more of what that great set of Encyclopedia's was sharing.

We have Hurricanes, Tornado's, Sand storms, Massive Floods, Fires and other events of nature.

In all of these events we generally lost lots of people, seldom did we loose just a few but it did happen once in a while. 

Early times on the East Coast was a fascinating for weather events. A furious Ice Storm paralyzed the east coast. It was feared that NYC's was going to suffer some damage, but the political people thought the farmers and outlying areas would be froze to death. Ironic, NYC had more deaths because they depended on delivery and other people and the country folks knew to be prepared because there was no one near to help them in most of the open area.

The people in the apartments in NYC and other small cities depended on the milk man, the vegtable man, the meat man, the coal man and when they could not manipulate the streets, people began  to die from cold and and hunger.  Death was far greater in the larger cities than the outlying areas.

This head line reminded me of that series of books think there were 12 books and we were on no. 4 or 5. White with red and blue lettering about weather. One day I will find the title of them and my old papers.  

Be aware many things affected why you can not find your kin. This is just one more thing.

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