Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Library Research and Finding Dead Ends

Today we had our Board Meeting and lots of topics tossed around.  We are working to bring more attention to the over 3.000 books on the shelves in our Chula Vista Civic Center Branch Library.  We have bought and paid for almost all of them. Some of course have been donated.

For some reason people seem to still think they can find all their answers on the internet. Sorry it won't happen but very rarely.

Have you looked at all the books we have though it was downsized some time back.  The Telephone books are gone which were great reference material for confirming past residences.  I re retrieved the ones I gave to library for my library. Many Reference books the Library had disappeared. They had a great series on Indians. Where did they go?  What about all the WHO's WHO's that were on the shelf.
I have two children in those books.  

We are preparing to celebrate Family History Day with the  Library in the Fall.  We hope many sources are found from the various places within the Library. Last tour was a whopping success several years ago.  Data was found in every area of the Library for people to research. Yes, the children's section, videos, tapes, books, magazines, the list goes on.

Remember History has a lot to do with genealogy and one goes with the other.  You can not adequately research an area if you do not know the history of the region.  What happened at various times to make changes and turnovers.  Our early wars made much changes within  our borders.

States had counties and as they developed many counties were re-split creating new counties.   One needs to know those dates because maybe they did not move but the boundary did. Having two lines at the minimum that this happened to.  The same thing happened to some states.

Have you looked at our books on our shelves at the Chula Vista Library on 4th and F St.?

When we started, I had dreams we could become as big as Carlsbad's Genealogy Library but that was dashed years ago when downsizing happened and other events took priority. Yes, there are reference books on line but they are not all the same and do not all carry the same information.

If anyone knows where the Encyclopedia's went from a library that talked strictly about the weather in the USA. I would love to find them again.  

Yes, every library carries a bit of different material for you to look at and learn from.

Did you know South Branch Library has books on some super maps for Genealogists and Historians to use?  Orange Ave Branch.

Anxious to see what the new Imperial Beach Library will carry when completed. I used it often for material on the military in south bay.

We meet also monthly at the Bonita-Sunnyside Library which offers different books. We visit and meet at the Lemon Grove Library once a month and a tour of that library would be fun too.

San Diego Genealogical Society donated their books to the San Diego City Library down town San Diego. Have you been there?  They had a nice selection of important books prior to the building of the library but with the addition from SDGS, they encompass a large floor on one level.

Today someone mentioned the college Libraries. Yes, I have used Southwestern's and Northridge's College Library from when grandson in school there.

Start taking tours and really seeing what your library may hold. You are really missing a lot if you do not.

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