Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Lemon Grove Library 6 to 7:50 pm Ap 20 Tonight Land Records

Land Records

Land Records will be covered this evening in a presentation w a handout and links for you to learn more on your own.

I even learned there is going to be Live Streaming talks on Land Records from NGS.

If NGS posted this I missed it but this is from Judy's Blog and her  link is listed below.

 Registration for the live stream from the National Genealogical Society conference in Fort Lauderdale will close at midnight, Friday, April 22, 2016.

There are two tracks being offered this year:

• In Track One, “Land Records and Maps,” there are five lectures on Thursday, May 5, 2016, from 8:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m. The lectures will cover deed books and private land claims, how to utilize mapping apps, Google Earth, and GPS to enrich your research, and maps and gazetteers for English and Welsh research.

• In Track Two, “Methods for Success,” there are five lectures on Friday, May 6, 2016, from 8:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m. The lectures will cover methodology techniques for use with historical context and DNA, as well as problem solving using a combination of resources.

Registration is $80 for one track and $145 for two tracks, but is discounted for NGS members: for members, it’s $65 for one track and $115 for both. All registrants will receive an electronic version of the NGS 2016 Family History Conference Syllabus.
You can register for the live stream at the NGS conference registration page, and more information can be found on the live streaming page.

Judy thanks for the posting. 

When in doubt give it a try.  Having found many records via using Deeds and Warrants and Patents this may really be of help to people.  

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