Sunday, April 24, 2016

Remembering Family Information, Stories, and Tales. Inez Mae Scott Hoffman

 As you work through your charts and family information, do you remember to write about the person as you knew them?

Do you ask other family members to send a story about that person to add to your collection of information?

Maybe a story about a school event or family gathering, where family members were together.

Between Randy Seaver's comments on Judy Russell's questions at RootsTech, it reminded me that
Mom had us ask about family in our letters so we could have something to communicate about when we exchanged letters.

O the loss that the government cost our family.  We shall overcome.

Everyone talked about my Grandma Inez Mae Scott Hoffman, and her ability to crochet beautiful bedspreads, tablecloths, doilies, and trim on pillowcases. One of my favorites is the yoke she created on my sister and my nightgowns when we were about 8 1/2 for me and 5 for Sis. They were Xmas gifts.  I wonder if she kept hers.  I have hankies she trimmed, marked and saved.  The tablecloth she made me for graduation we had to sell to help pay for her funeral. Alas.

She earned money doing this for people for weddings. Crochet edged pillow cases were a big event for  many.  The placemats for armchairs and for back of chairs to keep the furniture clean she did many of them.  My favorite design she did was pineapple pattern, There is a list of many designs and
Mom inherited her Crochet books, which I have some of.

Mom could also crochet very well.

Grandma made a double wedding ring quilt for my parents and it was in tatters at Mom's death.  Someone said they were going to try to get a pillow out of it.

 I have quilt squares that Grandma embroidered with the State Birds of Wyoming and the State Flowers of Wyoming. Grandma never got them completed into a quilt. Not sure she would have quilted them since the material is so delicate, maybe made pictures to hang on the walls or something.

Grandma Inez could Tat, a beautiful trim for blouses and dresses etc.  That neither Mom or I could master.

I would love to learn how to make bobbin lace, I think I have all  of Grandma's bobbins and some very, very old thread.

That she could cook and can and still have time for all the handiwork she did,  meant she had  little idle time.

O how we  seem to waste our time in modern day.

What do you remember about Grandma Inez Mae Scott?

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