Thursday, May 19, 2016

Rest In Peace Dad You Are Missed

Rest In Peace  Dad You Are Missed

Ray Dee Jones Sr was born 19 May 1913 in Waterloo, Iowa area.  His parents were Carl Fremont Jones and Victoria Mae Foulk Jones.  He was their first child of 6 known children. One dying in infancy, in his arms.

He had tears in his eyes as he told of his baby sister's death. Very hard on a very young man, this event was. He was not 10 years old.

He grew up helping to raise his siblings and putting food on the table.  When older he tried to keep
his family together and maintain a family.

I think they all appreciated it after they got past the shock of not all was as they remembered.

Parents sometimes do not think of the children they just spew in front of them causing much hurt and pain for children.

Dad worked on a cattle ranch in Wheatland, Wyoming  he married and later worked doing the same in Greybull, Wyo.   I was born in Wyoming then we moved to California.

He had 3 more children in California.  He worked as a Coast Watcher during the War.  Why does no one talk about Coast Watchers?  Or C B's.?

He worked hard and was fair and taught us about God and family and respect and to be truthful.
He used to say:" You can talk to God anywhere".  He tells us that, is in the Bible. He was taught a lot by the Father's from Boys Town, while he worked on the Diamond Tail Ranch in Greybull, Wyo.
His boss brought back earrings blessed by the Pope for Mom and she said they were to be mine.
I have them now.

He was always going to write the story of his family and life with his siblings. He could share some great stories of what he and his siblings did.  Some were very funny and some were a wee sad. Alas he never got them on paper. Now days people can record these stories from their family if  the would stop and take the time.

His sister wrote a couple of books and both other sisters wrote awesome poetry. His brother was an artist of great abilities.  He carved, painted, wrote, built and designed many things.

Dad died 12 April 1995, joking with his favorite waitress with Mom beside him.  Sometimes it is like yesterday.  Dad I love you.

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