Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Lemon Grove Library Wed 6 t0 8 pm Libraries in our Region

Libraries in our Region

 Suspecting few people really know how many libraries are in our region. Also fear they have no idea what those libraries may hold to help people in their historical and genealogical research.

So have put together bits and pieces of some of our libraries. We have County, and City and Law, and other libraries.  Yes, I found them.

Wondering how many teachers are aware of what the libraries in our community may offer their students.  Have they ever had them come and talk about what their holdings are or may be?

Pondering how many Genealogical or Historical Societies have looked at what local resources have to help move their projects forward.

Discovering it will talk a few talks to cover some of the major possible places people may want to
make sure they do not miss.

Of course, one starts with your own local library and it's many branches, maybe?

Our colleges in the area have some awesome libraries also that carry data on some of their main topics for their students.  Yes, those topics are pertinent to your research.

What I did not find was a Medical group with a library.

Come to Lemon Grove and learn some of the things I knew and some of the new things I learned about our regions local libraries.

May 18, 6 pm

Free, always free.

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