Friday, May 20, 2016

Review on Libraries in our Region

Libraries in our Region: An Informative Presentation at the Lemon Grove Genealogy Group Meeting by Susi Pentico 18 May 2016

Gee. There are a lot of libraries around the San Diego area that I did not know about before tonight!
The PowerPoint presentation (with live links to library websites), along with interesting comments and discussion, will certainly assist in my never-ending search for lost ancestors.

Highlights for me included the San Diego Law Library site. There are three main law libraries nearby: The San Diego County Law Library & San Diego County Public Law Library (, and the California Western School of Law Library. Researching at a law library could turn up a black sheep in the family, maybe?

The Chula Vista Library at 4th and F St, Chula Vista, houses the Chula Vista Genealogy Society resource collection. These books are for in-library use only, so a road trip is in my near future.

Of course, the nearly-new, very modern San Diego Central Library is a go-to destination for local genealogists with an entire floor dedicated to genealogy.

Online site to search the catalog is: When on this site, click on ‘Library’, then ‘Classic Catalog’ go to ‘All Fields’, choose ‘Subject Keyword’, type in ‘genealogy’. Here I located at least 20 scrolling pages of results. Better get busy, fellow ancestor seekers.

And this is just a sample of the libraries covered in Susi’s presentation.
Happy hunting, y’all!

Cindy Teysko

Cindy Thank You, as I have stated there will be more libraries covered as time moves forward.
Libraries are our friends. I am glad it enlightened the attendees to some of our great resources.

Way, way, to many to cover all at once.  Thanks Again.

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