Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Land Records, Presented, More Here

Last Saturday, I did a presentation on Land Records and Deeds. It is a very solid topic for genealogists.

Different Deeds can tell you different things about the deceased and where you should look for more data.  Example if no Will you look one place if Will you look another. You find different information.

O yes, what I forgot in my presentation was the Tomahawk Deeds.  A Tomahawk Deed was when a
barren land was found to the settler's liking they would take an axe ie tomahawk and mark the boundaries with their mark.  Then they had to go to the nearest land office and report the description of the land and there by get a Land Deed to that property.  The marks on the trees and rocks etc were to let another know someone had already picked out that piece of property.  Sometimes these
markings lasted the life of the trees and rocks many other times the tree died, was taken down and no one could see the markings made in the beginning.

Today I am going to share another place that has data on Land Records. If your researching in IOWA, be aware they have this site on line for  you to browse and potentially use for assistance.



I have not looked to see how many states may have a page /url for you to use in other states.

As located will post the information here for you to use.

You are aware of Grantor and a Grantee position in Land Records?
A Grantor gives or sells the land(building) etc. The Grantee is the receiver of the property.

It was a twist for me for a long time while in college.

Are you aware of the many types of Deeds that can be involved with the change of hands
of the property?

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