Saturday, May 21, 2016

Family History Fair at Bonita Stake

What you missed if you did not attend?

We had a great day of knowledge given to those who wished to participate.  Amazed it wasn't packed wall to wall it was like a Seminar that one normally pays for but free, yes FREE. They even had a Continental Breakfast of Fresh Fruit, muffins and cinnamon breads sliced nice and thin for us to enjoy. Water, orange juice or milk was available to drink.

They had a great array of speakers and topics.  Marti Lewis, Randy Seaver, John Finch, Kathleen
Winchester in English and for the hispanic speakers they had:Alvaro Cordova & Carlos Yturriade.

I chatted with acquaintances and attended Kathleen Winchester's talk on Lineage Societies. I was rather curious about how, if any of the societies had changed rules since the 1995 NGS event here in San Diego. (Having experienced a weird response then).

What I learned is that there are literally probably several hundred Societies of different natures, regarding our ancestral patronage.

Kathleen strongly felt that if you join a group you should be willing to make the group better by your involvement.  (Another words not a collector of societies for your resume but an active real member.)

That got my attention.  Someone who thinks along the lines I do. So I went to the other side and entered room and stayed for the rest of the presentation.  Glad I did, so glad it was so refreshing to hear the things she said. I have DAR qualified ancestors with their DAR number.  I have found several War of 1812 ancestors, multi Civil War ancestors.  I have the medal of one of my CW Ancestors, it was presented to me for all the work I had done on our family by another family distant member.

 Moving forward I have several family members that I personally knew that were in the more current wars. WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, and the wars in Iraq and the mid east since 1980.

For the more current events there have been so many I can not recall them all. Our son served, our nephews served, cousins served. A grandnephew is serving now that I am aware of.

There are groups for probably all of these events.

Then I moved over and listened to  Marti Lewis present on: Exploring Your DNA Results. Always a delight to learn information from Marti.  She has some very neat charts that really explain some of the DNA confusion much simpler.  Yes, she said she would gladly share those charts with us for our research endeavor.  Thank You so much Marti for that.  I heard several around me saying they would really like to have some of them.

She showed how she worked with a DNA linking cousin to establish relationship to each other.
She used some really cool methods of weeding out and adding to her research in doing this.
She showed us how she missed clues by not thinking wide enough in researching. One county over was her missing family.  There were lots of great questions and responses to this research matching to pair with her DNA Match.  I actually could follow along because she did not mention all those numbers and codes and that are so technical and leave me mostly in the dust.

I shared that she is right, most links are 4 and 5 generations back with DNA. I had a link yesterday with a 5 back generation member.  Last week I did have a 3 generation back link but it was the matching of two brothers grandchildren.  I had lost touch with the one and that link brought me great joy to find my 2nd cousin's family. (It was a family I had grown up with knowledge of and shared times with on our trips home to WYO/CO)  They were my Grandmother's brothers. One lived in Oregon and one in Colorado, Grandma in Wyoming and they had other siblings in IA and NE.

It was such a refreshing method of presentation, am hoping she will do this talk again and share some of those super charts she used, (she is always good for her word) : >)

Was excited I would finally get to hear John Finch's talk on the Civil War. Alas, not meant to be again.  I was answering questions from other attendees regarding DNA and tests and activities learned. (IN regards to the test sites and discoveries.)  

Then went and helped hold down the fort at our booth with Virginia.

The events went quick the sharing of topics and information with members through out the event was great.  I need to send a notice to Randy he was not aware of.

Anyone going to listen to CeCe Moore next week?

Yes I  learned, always trying to learn more and share my knowledge with others.

Some commented on the RootTech presentation's, I am glad to see that they had these to offer to the attendees. I thought their choice of topics was excellent in this field.

Shirley Becket said the one on Family Search talked about Indexes that are not normally mentioned and she found it very informative.  It was titled " Finding Elusive Records on
It had been presented at the RootsTech last February.

I am no longer fluent in the Spanish language as I was 20 years ago.  I am sure their Hispanic presentations were as interesting and intriguing.

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