Thursday, May 5, 2016

Treasure Chest Thursday Facebook

Treasure Chest Thursday

 We have a great Treasure Chest if we just use it.

 Yes, it is free, & it is accessible from home.


  It even covers the background of various ethnic and religious groups.  I suspect that there is very little that this site does not cover.

 It has current news data on it also.

 What is this site you ask?  Facebook.

 I have found lost kin,  misplaced families due to moves, current family that a death created  a separation.

 Family has shared photos, documents, details of family events,  

 There is nothing like learning history at the same time as doing your research so you understand the  area at the time your digging.

 We had a cousin share a picture of husbands Grandfather we have no pictures of this person.

 We have had visits by family we had hunted for 40 years and Facebook put us in touch.

So if you do not want to join the local chatter put various topics in the search box and see how many sites will come up that will help you find kin in an area you are stuck in.

Family lines of ours come from Greene Co. PA, Moravia, Ia and Halifax Co. VA.
We also have kin from old Albany Co. Ny.,  Mass., New Hampshire, Maine and VT.

I suggest you make a list of the places your stuck on and then find the places on Facebook and some may even be what they call Pages with in Facebook.  See if you do not find at least one or more
assistance with your research.


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