Saturday, February 27, 2016

Scholarship Deadline Approaching Sweetwater Union High School Senior Students

Sweetwater Union High School District Seniors  Deadline Approaching

CVGS is presenting a $500 Scholarship Application for graduating Seniors to work on for this year. It involves more work than in the past but we think it
will expand their horizons and help them to understand the world better.

The students are to interview a Veteran of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, Reserves, or National Guard, they can be from foreign countries. 

The Veterans can be a family member, neighbor, teacher, friend or stranger. Students are to use the format we are inclosing to accomplish this goal.

We are requesting that when the application is completed, the student brings it back to the Counselor by 15 March 2016. We will pick up the Application, the day after the Applications are turned into the Office on 16 March 2016.

The Applications will be judged by members of the Scholarship Committee. We have a point system we use to judge the Applications: 
1. follow the rules given and 
2. accomplishing the Applications goals.

It is judged on the quality of the students work. This Scholarship is not linked to academic or test scores. The Scholarship is intended to supplement the students’ Educational goals.

Susi Pentico
Educational Chairperson
Chula Vista Genealogical Society

This is open to All Seniors that are within and under Sweetwater's umbrella.
 Charter, Independent Study, etc. 

I can be reached via our webpage or here.  Information below

Scholarship Information -- “Honoring A Veteran”

350-500 Word Essay Written by a Senior in High School

Typed, Double Space

Font Size  14

Blank Cover Page

Second Page  Letter of Introduction to Include:
                        Title:  “Honoring A Veteran”
                        Student’s Name
                        Student’s Address
                        Student’s School
                        Counselor’s Name and Contact Information

Student will interview a Veteran of their choice.
They may use the questions enclosed and or questions of their own.
The essay will include the Veteran’s name, rank, rate, and service such as       
     Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, etc.
The essay will include the length of time served.
Student will write the essay of the Veteran’s story as a narrative.
The essay will speak of the Veteran’s experience while in the service.
Student will write his or her thoughts of what they have learned from the 

Deadline for submission is Tuesday, March 15, 2016.

Essay is to be submitted by the Student to the Counselor’s Office.

Scholarship is for $500.00.


Senior Scholarship Essay 
Chula Vista Genealogical Society 2015-2016
Deadline for Submission, March 15, 2016

Prior to doing the interview, explain why you are asking a Veteran to  participate.  It is for a $500.00 scholarship to be awarded in May 2016 by the Chula Vista Genealogical Society.

The following questions can be used in your interview.  Your own questions  can also be used.

May I take your picture as part of the interview?

What motivated you to join the military?  (Can be US or another country)

How old were you when you enlisted or were drafted?

What kind of work did you do in the military?

How many tour(s) were you on? What was the duration of the tour(s)? 

Where did you serve while in the military?  Did you travel to other countries?  Where?

What was the most interesting or influential event that occurred during your time of service?

How did military service influence you and your family?

What advice would you give a young person (or high school student) regarding military service?

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