Sunday, February 7, 2016

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The Scanning Event is past now but much learning was had by all. Even better was the amount of sharing that everyone did with each other and all.

Our first event had 20 people, the second had 12. Also a new person came and also joined Society.

Many brought pictures and shared them.  One photo was so full of clues we had trouble keeping track of all of them.  Hazel R then did a hands - on,  with the All In One Scanner.  I believe it was an Epson.  Gary B demonstrated a straight flat bed Scanner (Epson). Then worked with the All In One.
Showing the different programs each scanner offered.  Mentioned were: Hewitt-Packard(H-P), Brothers, Epson and Cannon for devices.Also the Flip Pal and the hand held types that are now on the market.

Gary Brock explained the different Scanning systems and how you can make large or small or pull out a specific piece of data to retain. He talked of several special programs you can add to enhance your systems performance and he demonstrated two.  We were shown Septa and black and white and compared which made the antique photo show up the best. Photo Gallery, he likes real well and for  resizing is Paint.

Shirley Becker showed us her hand held Scanner. (IrisScan Book3)  It was easy and quick to use once set up to work. Portable, does not need plugged in,  do not need computer to use,  (carry spare batteries, triple A) might want spare card if thinking you will be doing lots of scanning.  I Pad, Mini I Pads and phones etc can take pictures and save for you also.
(Seems wee fingers had been playing on her computer).  : > )

Ken Robison told us about a Scanning program he had watched in the morning from the SCGS. He  said will be repeated next week for those whom are members of the Southern California Genealogical Society.

Susi Pentico said that the RootsTech Program had a Web  Program planned. Also, she was wanting to learn about the Scanning talk given at RootsTech regarding new methods etc.  It seems most of these programs hit in the middle of day on Wednesday's. It left few of  us able to see them at that time.
That was the only complaint heard about these programs, was the timing.

Remember go to your calendar now and mark 6 March for the GedCom learning adventure that will be presented by Shirley Becker and Gary Brock.

Remember you will need to bring your computer device, thumb drive and back up material (batteries
if needed and cords for connecting to electricity. for you device. We will be contacting you to help set up what portion of a program you will share with someone else. Hopefully we can find some matches.

If not, you will have had the experience of doing a GEDCOM.

Mark Calendar 6 March  1 to 4 pm, doors open at 12:30 for set up. Bonita-Sunnyside Library,
Bonita, CA.

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