Monday, February 1, 2016

Gearing UP for Research

Gearing Up for Research.

Well, a major storm just pounded us a bit. Neighbor lost half a tree in two separate time frames between afternoon and midnight.

Changes are coming are you preparing?  Been supplying you with different urls to practice your
research skills.

Don't you just love when you get a name and two different dates and two different places and you have no knowledge of either of them.

Then you get a document that actually mentions both but it is so confusing to determine who is who to whom.  I have diagramed and out lined the family twice tonight and then I was looking at Mass. Records to see if there was more data to resolve issues.

Did you try those urls and see if different information was given from another site?

BTW, Black History Month is happening now. Today was also Selfie day for Genealogists if it mattered to you.   Sounds like they are attempting another day to remember.

A Channel 10 news team was injured by a falling tree today. I heard they both had broken legs. But that is only hear say.  I am not there.

Do you research a topic to verify if true when family mentions it?  Do not let it go 50 years and discover it was an assumption and not a fact. A partial fact but not all a fact.

Did you join one new group to assist in research this year?  If not afford fees, go to Rootweb and use the lists or join the area and post there often. These are free places to research.

Start a blog with your stuck names and work only a couple at a time to not get overwhelmed.

Now off to read Stuart Wood book to return to the library.

Much success this new year one month is already gone only 11 left to go.

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