Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A Bit of Slavery Information.

A few weeks back, attending a nice lunch with friends, slavery came up in the topic.

Attempting to let them know that it was Blacks that brought the first Blacks to America to sell not white 's. The topic was joined by others at the table, fortunately one was definitely up to date on data also.

Why do  our history books try to teach non truths?  It is such a sad thing.  It is not just about this topic it is about many.

When our son went to college he took a History class, came home and said, " Mom why did I have to learn all that non truth in our High School History book, when this book quotes, things that are from the Library of Congress, which are opposite of all that reading."

That was my second wake up call. When a daughter was in Grammar School, she had a workbook so full of non truths, the district had it removed.

We as human's have to be careful what we feed our minds, it tends to create biases we do not need.

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