Monday, February 15, 2016

President's Day

 Remembering back when this date did not exist.  Young people are still attempting to catch up.

 Learning through the Media of today, few of our college students, know the President's name,
 VP name or any Cabinet members.

 Worse they were asked by various media about the Civil War. Our (?) Major war in the United States after we became a country.  Many implied they did not know who was on the North and who was on the South.  So if we have gone back to being one Nation why are we destroying our  historical sites that represent what happened when, so long ago.

 We are loosing our own history due to neglect by our own media and teachers and government.

 If your school is not teaching handwriting, woe be their future. Why because our original documents
are all written.  They are the base of our countries rules and laws.

History has a tendency of repeating itself and if the young do not know the history, they won't even know how to avoid damages.

So President's of the past. I gather this  day to represent you all.  Of course, it was Washington our first elected President. (He was not the first President) that started the voting system.  Some one had to  hold the position until he was elected.   This was started to honor President Washington and President Lincoln, but I am going to let it represent all our past Presidents because that may get taken away also.

Some day maybe we will wake up and Honor the people that kept us alive in the beginning and  give them their place in our society.

Blessings on all our Presidents, whether I like their politics has nothing to do with the fact of the position they held or  hold.

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