Thursday, February 25, 2016

Green Co. Kentucky, Names and Trails Created

Green Co. Kentucky, Home of some Moody's and other collateral kin.

Green Co. Kentucky, what a interesting amount of boundary changes!

I found  it only one county away from Cumberland Co. of today.  Which stirs the pot and
tells me why so many surnames sound familiar.

Our Scott line came from Pittsylvania Co. VA to Cumberland (Indian Territory) pre 1795
as near as we can determine and some came later.

Another member of our society also is on this same  trail which makes it really intriguing to me.

They keep proving they traveled in groups and were family acting in their relationships.
The helped build each others barns, houses, bridges, fences, schools and their community.

Green River run through Green Co. Ky.

Any one have the Will of James Holloway? in helping a society member we found many had information but it was all synopsis of the original Will. So far no one has the Will. So back to Pittsylvania Co. VA.

I am posting here because obviously a trail, path was being created by the various names that left se Virginia and came to this part of Kentucky.

Learning that the boundaries were very different than what is shown today, totally expecting that to be the case.

Durham, Hampton, Moody, Scott, Lewis, Murray, Holloway are names that even though we knew not about joined seemed to have migrated about the same time to Cumberland and Green Co. KY.

Learning that more than 200 years later many of these names are interlinked closely.

Cumberland Co was formed in 1796 from Green Co.
Green Co was formed in 1792 from Lincoln & Nelson
KYGenWeb Project - Online Kentucky Genealogy Resources

Sad to say this site used to be bulging with data. I recommend the way back machine to find the older data.

I highly suspect that Herb Scott is also a rather close cousin of my family on Mom's side. I would try the rootslists that are recommended and write queries in hopes for answers.

 Going to check out the counties around Green because I know Cumberland was a much larger region in the  early 1800's.  When the SCOTT line went there it was still Indian Territory.

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