Thursday, August 6, 2015

What to Read, What to Skim Over and What to Ignore.

What to Read, What to Skim Over and What to Ignore.

Some time back we gave an interesting workshop and it was well attended. The one comment that came out of it big was, "WHEN do we have the time to read all this and check it OUT?"

Well fortunately, if on the internet you can save the url and go back and look at it later. Or save the url to look it up later.  I have a three month supply of magazines normally setting here to refer back
to and longer for quarterlies and genealogical journals.

Attempting to put the urls in a folder by month to keep track of and when no longer needed can be removed. Sometimes I blog about them, some times we just ponder about them amongst those whom I share it with.  It is amazing how the weirdest of information will show up at the oddest of times.

Completely forgetting the article about my Ancestress in the newspaper the other day I let the paper go. Now I have to scan for it and find it to retrieve. It mentioned the name of the Church her marriage took place in and I was so excited.  Alas also working on Fall Seminar and deadlines, lapsed into forgetting about the article until the trash man had come and gone.  Normally I set the paper aside like magazines.  At the end of the week I then clear out the clutter.  Shame on me, I was so excited too.  This Ancestress is Ruth Himan's and Virginia Taylor's also.

So we released about  120 pages of urls to dig through when you have time just on Facebook.
Not counting the urls for the various archives in the USA.  Then we have the Journals, Quarterlies and Newsletters to skim for queries and information.

Which brings up a tidbit to share. We (our society) is for any and all peoples any where.  We are based in Chula Vista, CA but if your in an area with little help and communication, we can help you.

We have on our web page a list of surnames our people are looking for and we have a query section and we have many activities even though you may not be here to attend the event.  You will get the news to help move you forward in your research if you are asking us for help.  We come from all walks of life and all places of the world over all.

DNA is proving this more all the time. After all what is Irish may be Turkish, but that makes sense if you follow the migratory pattern of our early people.

Having given a talk on where we came from and how we got to where we are,it is easy to comprehend and hard to conceive.  YES, that is what I said.

So the choice is yours but do use the choice, of what to read, what to skim over and what to ignore.

Our website for the society is  Chula Vista Genealogical Society.

If you have family where internet access is slim, let them know there is help out there. Or no society in their area and they or you want to learn more.  We are here to help.

Next blog will be about our Fall Seminar so I hope you do take time to read about it and think about attending if your within the distance to do so.  Title is ACROSS THE POND.

THOUGHT: Set aside a time to tackle at least some of the new sites and learn more, weekly.

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