Thursday, August 13, 2015

Thanks to Dick Eastman and another Blogger

Wow, wonder where Dick learned of this site.  Then another email had an article about it also.   it really posts about disasters and you can look them up.

I remember long ago at the Lemon Grove Library in their Resource section they had a series of books on Weather over the centuries and it was great.  We had worked about half way through them when they shut down to remodel and never said they were discarding any books.

Long story short when reopened they were gone and a new director.  Genealogists could sure use that set of Encyclopedia's if they could be found.

I think many forget how much weather plays a role in our ancestors history.

Think about how much weather plays a role in your daily life.  This year alone we have had floods, snow storms, hurricanes, tornadoes and much damage all over the USA let alone all over the globe.

I know when the Cedar River in Iowa flooded it's banks a few years back much Hoffman/Plants data went to dump due to massive soaking. Cousin did not know you can freeze dry those items and save many of them. Just put them in the freezer.  It is not perfect but it can help salvage a lot of things.

Weather, yes, it plays a major role, think prairie fires, forest fires, floods, we have experienced those items this year and some are still very very active.

Thanks to Blogger and Dick for this site.

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