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Saturday Event Prompted-- Thoughts on Current Family Members

Saturday Event Prompted-- Thoughts on Current Family Members

I was at a non genealogical function that ended up very genealogical in nature in spurts.

It prompted thoughts on how do we keep track of our current living families if we are not to post
to the webpages this information for family members to see and retain.

Having been dwelling on the situation the week before with an impending marriage coming up with a nephew's, son. (It happened Saturday.)

Not having all his children's names, and their children or grandchildren, my thoughts were near panic.

Are we searching backwards and loosing our current contacts especially if it is a large family.

Having come from a family of four siblings, it has not been to hard but to keep track of all my cousins on both parents side  (13) it can get daunting.  Dad was most determined that we do not loose our family.

See, he grew up with out family and support from relatives. He later met and learned of these people.
We spent many summer vacations on the road looking for an Aunt or Uncle of his, or his niece or nephew that he had not heard from.  He deeply appreciated the affection and sharing by the family when he found them. One they moved from Iowa to Wyoming when he was a baby. He never went back but maybe once, also if so very small.

It was with great celebration when we found his Dad in Casper, Wyoming when I was about 12 years of age.  He was an awesome Grandfather but wished we had been able to have more time with him.
We knew Mom's father pretty well since small.

Being Ranching people I will share a short tidbit of what Granddad Casey Jones did one day to my brother. He ,brother, had been upset about something and started to cry. He was about 5 or 6.  Granddad Casey was visiting. He quickly got up went to the kitchen counter and grabbed a pint jar and a lid. (It was canning season).  He quickly went to my brother knelt down and put the jar up to his cheek and said, "we have to catch those steers, we can not let them get away."   Every thing stopped. My brother stopped crying and suddenly hugged his Grandfather.  He, Granddad Casey ( Carl Fremont Jones) was an amazing man.

When families split and live far apart families miss a lot of interaction. When families are small, it is easier to keep track of a sister or brother but when they travel all over and are numerous in number are you keeping track of your family for the future?

We do not know what the government is going to allow us to see from our generation to the future.
Are you recording some of your doings so your grandchildren and great grandchildren can have some knowledge of you?  What do your children know about your own life?

If you would you share in the comments how you are doing this for others to see and share.
I write a yearly Xmas letter, attempt to keep in touch with most of the family by email, letters, phone calls and Facebook etc.

Having recently found my Great Uncle's granddaughter, was awesome when I tried this for my Great Aunt in 1980's I had no luck. Facebook and my blog came through.  This is my working blog for attendees.

In Lemon Grove this coming month we will discuss this topic in depth so come on by the third WED
of the month and share at the Lemon Grove Library , 6 to 8 pm. 16 Sept. 2015.

This is the family blog where I share family information:

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