Monday, August 3, 2015

Sharing Others Links, Yes with permission.

Recently, I chatted with Leland Meitzler and about getting some cool items for our Seminar 7 November.

Today I am catching up on my mail and I see he is offering some things that may be of interest to those who attend the Educational Workshops.

So seeing this tidbit, I am going to copy and paste this information here with his permission.

I always suggest certain blogs and activities that I think would be advantage for people to follow.

Your buddy Andy Pomeroy also. Not sure I have ever met him.

GENEALOGY NEWSLINE #294 - Edited by Leland K. Meitzler, and Andy Pomeroy for Family Roots Publishing Co., LLC.

This is the Two Hundred Ninety-Forth edition of the FREE GENEALOGY NEWSLINE.

If you would like to provide a link on your website to the most current copy of this newsletter, you have permission to copy and paste this link: ""

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 Please at least take this one time  to read what is here and what can be helpful for your researching.

Thanks, might leave feedback as to whether this is helpful to you.

Data on NC Pensions

Data on MyHeritage

Family History Library

Etc Etc.

Since this came in last week some things are past tense, but knowledge is never past tense.

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