Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Wednesday is Genealogy Day

Wednesday is Genealogy Day.

 Are you ready for Wednesday?  Libraries to attend, meetings to enjoy and learning to be had by all.

 10:30  Wed a.m.  Main Branch Library, Chula Vista, CA  4th and F St. CV, CA

 Scholarship Meeting regarding finalizing the format for this next years Scholarship for the Sweetwater Union High School District Seniors.

It should be a fun event for all Seniors if they participate.  This Scholarship is not tied to
GPA and other formal education.  It is tied to the responses given to the requirements of the Scholarship participant.  Many want to go on to college but are a class behind and just can not make it up in time to accept a better turn in the end.  It is a Scholarship open to all graduating Seniors of SUHSD.

It was created to be a potential fill in the blank for those in need to continue their education.
It is not a big Scholarship but larger than first one given of $75.00 much, much larger.

The Money raised during our Seminar, dictates what amount our Scholarship will be and if lucky sometimes we give two. So advise teachers to attend the Seminar and learn what we are teaching others and will help you when your giving lessons in your classes just maybe.
Seminar is 7 November at Bonita Golf Course. Flyers being posted about town and given to schools.
Title is Across the Pond.  We will be learning about Germany, Italy, Scotland and Irish. One topic is really exciting.Chula Vista Genealogical Society Fall Seminar ...

After the Scholarship meeting, we will have a Computer meeting taught by Shirley Becker and the
mastering of more things about our computers and places to search and things to learn, she likes to give homework so we practice what she teaches.  

Then at 6 PM in the evening. We (all invited) we meet at the Lemon Grove Library, for a 6 to 8 P M
event on doing Research and helping our attendees.  These events are free, no fees to attend or learn.
Main topic will be "Putting Information in Your Tree."

We also wish to say "Thank You" to the Lemon Grove Library
Staff for the hospitality they have granted us for the last fifteen years,
for our workshop and speaker events.
If not fifteen very near that time length. We even made the 

move to a new facility with them. 

We wish to thank the Bonita-Sunnyside Library  Staff
for the Scottish books they donated to us for our use.
We also want to say  "Thank You"  for all the hospitality 
you share with us during our monthly Workshop Meetings.
Marisa Lowe and staff have been very gracious to us over
the years. 

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