Monday, August 17, 2015

Mystery Monday, Do You Have a Mystery?

Mystery Monday, Do you have a Mystery?

Most all of us have a mystery or two.  I want to address how do you address this issue. : > )

Having completed my other blog Susi's Chatty Performances on Genealogy- Family Traits, Resembla
I realized we do not mention these things often.

We talk of records, documents, pictures and stories.

We do not talk about the people.  WHY, Why not?

Do  you realize you probably could resolve more issues if you really thought about the people that your tracking information on?

Do you look at the facial features, the size of the hands, the length of the arms.? Arms, yes, Mom had arms that hung to her knees. She always walked around with her arms folded up.  We were looking in the "Picture Book" and found another lady with that feature. Extra long arms. What about the terms Cauliflower ears, bow legged, knock kneed, pinched head, broad forehead, flat faced, equiline nose.

Sure we can do DNA now, but you would be surprised how much you can learn by just sharing many of these above mentioned topics with potential kin.

Having an Uncle that could move his thumb like a pistol trigger when he would say to us kids:"Bang, Bang, go back outside to play Cowboys and Indians.

Did you have a relative that could easily walk on stilts?  Loved to Roller Skate, Ice Skate, Ski all these traits are qualities that not every one can master or do. What about track star, baseball player, football, soccer, tennis, pingpong and horseshoes?  Hand to eye coordination events that they could do.

I could run like the wind, yes I set some records at one time. I loved to jump hurdles but always got yelled at for doing it because I was a girl.  I said to the PE Coach, "If you think it hurts a girl what does it do to a boy?" She turned red and said just no you can not do it. I did them anyway.

See sometimes learning more about the person helps you to cull out those that are and are not of the same family.  Yes, not everyone can do these things in the family, some preferred to Bake, Cook, Sew, Design, train a horse,  and other activities.  Men as well as women did this. Yes they did Bake, Cook and Sew, Made Hats, Shoes and other apparel.

Even today we look at our sports people and the son of or daughter of is doing what the parent did at times.  Sometimes they break away but the reference is noted.

Hope this helps you to think about different things to help solve a mystery.

Mysteries are so very much fun.