Saturday, August 22, 2015

A Post from Mark Rabideau CMMI-DEV & SVC HMMLA, SSMBB, Software Technologist & Prof. Genealogist.

Sharing a post from a blogging friend with you, you will  understand why.

 I read his post here :

Inquiry/ question--- not quite a poll  ( this is on In-depth)

Do you have interest in attending a ‘distance’ Prussian-German Genealogy Working Group? more

 I wrote and expressed an interest in a remote workshop.  Hearing so many that are digging in this region I thought it worth asking.

CMMI-DEV & SVC HMLA, SSMBB, Software Technologist & Professional Genealogist

Hi Susi. 

I'd be happy to try and do a remote workshop for folks in SD. You may certainly refer to material on my site (I appreciate that sort of thing). 

I am happy to give you a call and discuss what we might do. 


On 8/10/15, 1:59 PM, Susi C Pentico wrote: 
HI Mark, I know you are having fun, but I want permission to post about our page and this class because we are in need here in San Diego, Ca. 

I want to create a blog page about the page and the class and of course refer to your blog page and you for further information. We are doing a German Research with Toni Perrone in Sept and again in Nov at our seminar. I think this fits right in. Please get in touch with me. 

Click below.
 Prussian-German Genealogy Workshop

I hope we can get many attendees.  I was thinking maybe in January? or when ever Mark may be available. I have to learn  more from him also.

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