Wednesday, June 26, 2013

2 Major Topics, Irish Research and Native American News

2 Major Topics Irish Research and Native American News

Today, NGS posted on their blog post that starting tomorrow the site, will have free assess to Irish Birth, Marriage and Death Records from 27 through 30 June.

They stated, even though there was a fire in 1922, there are records still to scour through for information.

So if you have Irish to be found you may want to take advantage of this activity.

The other major news covering Indian DNA Research was posted by Roberta Estes on her Native Heritage Project  blog.  It is learned a new haplogroup or genetic clan may have been found.  It sounds really real.  Big News! Probable Native American DNA Breakthrough | Native Heritage Project

The other site with data is listed here. Even Mr. Greenspan is involved in this great adventure.

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