Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Jamboree 2013, Day Three at Burbank, CA

Jamboree 2013, Day Three at Burbank, Ca.

The day started with a slide and slip and surprise.  Virginia said," Where did you go?".
I was setting on the floor, beside the bed.  It seems the mattress topper was not properly placed and when I rose up to get up, the topper had no mattress beneath it so where I thought I would set became a slide to the floor. Picking my self up, as Virginia was laughing and I was amazed at what happened.  Glad I did not put my knee on edge of bed getting in and end up damaging a knee.  I was so blessed.

After arriving in Exhibit Hall, back started to complain a bit.  It was the backward stretching, as I was getting up, (so I thought) and instead ended on the floor.  Fortunately by Monday it had stopped complaining.  Missed the first planned talk and it was an audio recording.

 Helping in the SDGS Book sale booth until I almost missed SU019 with Denise Levenick,  Paper or Plastic?, Preserving Keepsakes Workshop.  I got the end of the class and bought the disc. Having data from family death that I am going to share with kin and need to know the proper way, that is best.

Then back to SDGS Booth, then grabbed my luggage and peanut butter sandwich and went down to listen to: Daniel Poffenberger  SU 027  "Aye. it's a well known fact Sonny Jim." getting the most out of Scotland's People.gov.uk .Very informative talk for Scotland research.

Then Virginia and I went over and had a cup of that delicious Cinnamon Spice Tea at the hotel eatery with a split piece of Key Lime Pie.  Great way to have lunch.  Back to the lobby, gave them the key and went to set with the rest of those coming south on the train.  Would have loved to  attended Denise's last talk, alas the train must be caught.

Blessed with being able to give Cheryl Palmer and Gini Webb a hug before we left.

So I missed three talks I wanted to attend but they were not all taped so bought one of them and two others for personal use.  Looking forward to listening to Lisa Alzo's : Best Online Resources for Eastern European Research, SA031 and also catching more data from John P Colletta,  FR010, Evidence from Material Culture: Using Artifacts in Research & Writing about Ancestors. Both should be a plus for my sister in law and I.

Having five pages of notes, will read through and maybe can share also.

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