Monday, June 10, 2013

Jamboree Day 2, 2013

Jamboree Day 2, 2013

The morning was refreshing, breakfast was apple and tea. Then on to events and acquaintances and friends. Virginia and I did discuss our places of topics so we would cover more ground.

Off to see John P. Colletta, Phd, FUGA whom I met years ago,  had a story to share about his family.
SA003  The  Library of Congress: An Introduction and Overview.  It was right in line reinforcing, the day before by Joshua Taylor's talk.  He has only gotten better over the years.  Thanks John it was good to see you and share.

Next attempting to catch Angela Walton-Raji, long time ago Golden Gate Forum friend, I missed the next talk so went back to talk with Ancestry about situation.  Shoulders tired, not having I -Pad on me I put it off after talking to them, for early Sunday morning.  That was a mistake I tried five times to get their attention and they were swarmed on Sunday. My 3 1/2 hours sleep was catching me. Toured the Exhibit Hall and talked more about Educational Genealogy with many.

So good to see Bill Dollarhide and Leland Meitzler and family, missed MOM, but she had the children at home. Finally found Judy Russell, never did see Tony Perrone, saw Cheri Mello of old Portugese Chat. Met Lisa Louise Cooke's husband.  We learned long ago we share kin when she did a presentation. I also finally met CeCe Moore's husband. Was super good to see Pam Journey, made my heart feel good to hear how things are for them.

Off to the Blogger Meeting, it was one of the more informative Blogger events held.  Blogger Summit
Moderator was Thomas Mac Entee. Panelists: Denise Levenick, Judy Russell, CeCe Moore and Paula Stuart Warren.  Here is hoping more people learn blogging is another medium to reach out to your extended family, to share information or to find information to knock down brick walls.  The social mediums were discussed but they did not bring up LinkedIn.  Do not leave it out, their on our side too.

Lunch time was salad with a group in the patio area, I was in the SDGS booth with books after lunch.
Then attended Judy Russell, JD, CG.   SA045 No Vitals? No Problem! Building a Family Through Circumstantial Evidence.  Virginia share monitor with me.  The talk was spell binding and kept you entranced waiting for the right answer as she asked if the answer was correct.

Spoke with Cindi Ingle Howells, another Golden Gate Forum member of old. Wow, I worked with these people in the 1993 to the end time period.  That was 20 years ago. I covered Mid Atlantic and did the Mid Atlantic Messenger for attendees.

Then attended Angela Walton-Raji MEd event, SA049  until I was to meet with others.  Angela was so glad you reminded me of web site I had forgotten about.  Angela also has only gotten better over the years.

Dinner with San Diego's various members was excellent at an Italian Eatery offsite.
Trip home from dinner was a story in it's self. So enjoyed the company and the food. Thanks for sharing with me.

After dinner finally found Gini Webb, and Cheryl Palmer, having yelled at Gini earlier and she did not see me, was glad to catch them setting down.  Funny we live 30 miles apart and only meet at Burbank.

Paul Hawthorne, thanks for sharing and caring.  You get a gold star award from me.

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