Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Historical and Archival Research, Home and Away Wednesday 6 to 8 pm

Historical and Archival Research, Home and Away  Wednesday 6 to 8 pm

At the Lemon Grove Library we will discuss the ways to locate and gather information from
Historical and Archival Mediums.

We have many Historical Societies in our region if your looking for history within our community.
We have many sources through Balboa Park that many never remember to use.

We have many Archival mediums that we can access, at least enough material to know what is available at their site.

We have State Archives, I just read that Georgia is moving much library material to the State Archives which is a move Michigan did to save their resource a couple of years back.  What ever it takes to salvage and save our history that we are loosing by leaps and bounds.

When doing research away do not forget the Historical Societies along with the Genealogical Societies.
Some counties in states back east only have Historical Facilities. Please reach and use them, they have a wealth of information.

It is like using the resource section of your own library, the Who's Who's Books, The Author's books, and other mediums in the reference area of the library.

Chula Vista Library had a fabulous series on American Indians, Some person deleted all the books but the ones for Indians in the local region.  This region was founded by people from other places that was a horrible mistake.

As a State Archivist told me our books represent the people who founded this state, ditto for a library the referencing should reflect the same materials for the people.

 A prime example was my neighbor was California Indian from Northern California and his wife was of New Mexico Indian heritage. Yet they had been here for 35 years, their children born here. So those books were needed.  My heritage is of many tribes on the east coast, some that have been pushed  to central USA.

Do not be afraid to visit our local libraries in our region. We have many and each seems to have a special nook in our society for information.

San Diego County Library System is all over the county, each library carries something different from another library. If your doing Military Research you should look at the history for the area through the eyes of the books in the Imperial Beach Branch on Palm Ave.

Great Books about the development of our local bases.

Chula Vista South Branch on Orange Ave had some awesome map books for the various wars our country has had.

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