Monday, June 10, 2013

Jamboree Sessions Attended, Information Gathered Day 1

Jamboree Sessions Attended, Information Gathered Day 1

What a whirl wind event this was.  It always is fast, and informative.  The choices are so great you almost close your eyes and choose some times, others it was easy to pick.

Up before 4 am Friday morning. grabbing water bottle, suitcase and telling hubby bye, I was  out the door.
Virginia T. was waiting and her daughter soon arrived, fortunately the 805, 54 freeway incident did not stop us. She was able to detour around it.
It was the day of delays, seems that AmTrack had an incident and we left late and arrived even later in Burbank.  Fortunately the incident was before we started from San Diego to Burbank.

Beautiful weather in Burbank, checked in and checked luggage, room not ready until after 5 pm.
Immediately went looking for friends, rarely seen. Then signed in to be Room Monitor at least twice each day.  Learned being a Room Monitor secured you a spot in the Speakers room some years ago.  Just have to be prepared to stand during presentation. As a member of the presenting society, need to do my share.

 At Noon checked into Conference since I was away during registration not sure if able to attend.
Made the rounds of the Exhibit Hall, sharing hugs and warm greetings.  Daniel H. was able to unscramble a problem on the My Heritage site I had. What a relief that was.  One of the biggest reasons I wanted to attend was to speak to him. Then over to Ancestry to share the situation I am incurring with Ancestry.  Line was long and finally said," tomorrow."  

Attended D. Joshua Taylor,MLS information FR018 Archive Finder and Archive Grid: Treasures in the Archival Records.  The information was well given,  having attended two of his talks last year, was looking forward to some again this year.  Having also just been digging in the Michigan Archives in Michigan, it reinforced what I learned there. Thanks Josh very much.

Next was Thomas MacEntee, Saving Memories Forever Recording, Preserving and Sharing Your Families Oral History.  FR023 This was informative and it was well presented.  Now for finding more time to do this.  Also sharing this with members so we can record some of our own members for posterity.

It was time for dinner and bed, our day started early. We ate at the Hotel. Found a very delightful new tea.  I was asleep before my head hit the pillow almost.

Virginia and I had a delightful room mate with a great sense of humor.  It seems we spent a bit of time in laughter to tears when we were together events.

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