Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Scholarships Presented for Achieving Students

Two Scholarships were presented at the Awards Ceremony at East Lake High School, yesterday evening.

The two receiving the awards were:  Alexzander Hurst and Natalie Garcia.

Alexzander said,  he has his Great Great Grandfather's diligence, his Great Grandmother's dedication, and his Mom's determination.  He stated that getting an education was an Educational Journey he was looking forward to continuing. That is 3 D's we should always consider in our quests.

Natalie also has applied these efforts to her life as she learned about her families past and she plans to 
graduate from UCR in 2017 with a Bio-Medical Engineering Degree then move on to a Medical School being able to work for discoveries for Cardiovascular disease.

May they both succeed, keeping us posted to their successes as they move forward.

We received 30 Scholarship Applications for the Scholarship Committee to evaluate last February.

The choices were hard, I was told by the Committee. I read them all each and every word.

The hardships of the past, the hopes of the future, the firsts that were happening made me happy I was not judging the stories.  I wanted to give something to each and every one.

The backgrounds were as diverse as the students themselves.  

It was not what they wrote, but how they wrote their information, what they did to share it with us and their wanting to apply themselves to the future.  In reading the Essay's you could see many's strengths and their weakness's.  I am hoping each parent read what their student wrote to us, to help you the parent, understand their child better.

With continued community support we hope to continue this event into the future.  Our Seminars the society puts on are what brings in the funds to give out Scholarships.  Our first was small and was presented to Amy H. of Chula Vista High School.  She is on her way to be a Doctor and has kept in touch with us as she moves forward.  The next two years we awarded, two more to Chula Vista High School Students.  We then felt we had it figured out and enough community support to increase the Scholarship and the participants.  This was our first year to cover all of Sweetwater Union High School District. What we will be able to do, in the future,  will, a lot, depend on the community support at our Seminar's throughout the year.

Chula Vista Genealogical Society meets at the Chula Vista Library, Fourth and F St, Chula Vista, CA.
We have: Research Meetings, Computer Learning Meetings, Monthly Speaker Meetings and we do Outreach at Bonita-Sunnyside Library in Bonita, Ca. once a month also we do two workshop, speaking meetings at the Lemon Grove Library in Lemon Grove to assist community members

Url for Society

We have two blog sites, one done by Randy Seaver and the other by Susi Pentico.

Contact us and learn how to learn more about your ancestors that helps you learn more about yourself.

 I plan to write more about the Scholarship Participants for the  world to know how hard they are trying to excel in this world. 

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