Saturday, June 1, 2013

Workshop had Successes and Learning

The workshop went off with lots of hitches, but it went on.  We had a new guest, would have loved to have had several.

All those that offered to help came and some showed up at the meeting offering to help.

It seems most everyone learned something new, different and moved their research forward.

Even the Volunteers were learning hints and clues from the attendees.

The top comment was, "This was great, we got to know each other better."

It started with just the Volunteers and they shared chat with each other for a bit of time, then as the
guests started arriving.  People took various positions for assisting later swapping to different areas for more assistance.

Lunch was brought or bought.  Jo B. Thanks for bringing the water by, very little left but will get it to you.

Mary N, had data found on her Grandfather, we have looked for quite a while.  It pays to go back and relook ever so often, with the help of Shirley Becker.  Shirley also helped Joanna W to understand why her computer was not working properly.

Verena Marie found two generations back on one of her lines, added the data to her tree, with help from Susi P.,  Diane V. had assistance in finding potential kin for her tree from Virginia and Mary P.  Sam S found an interesting story about a family member, even though not direct line.  Randy also shared Ancestry data with Sam S.

Mary Patterson helped those who needed assistance and shared her books, she has recently done.
She is hoping to do more  of them, with the assistance of her Grandaughter our youngest member.

John Finch and Pam Buchan held up the Military Table and Pam gave words for Connecticut and Mass. research, to our Guy members, and others who moved to their table.

Susi shared with John F. the weird coincidence of always finding the Finch name when hunting for some of her Dad's lines. Also talked with Mary Patterson about some of her family and the boundary changes that affect our research when our country was first settling.

Randy S worked with our new guest Anna F.  She went home with much information and many handouts regarding the days events.

The hitches are the things we missed by a member not being there that normally supplies power cords for the computers. We need a Tech Person that could handle that for our events.  Obviously power cords need to be part of our inventory, back up batteries for the microphone which we did not use since it died at the Wednesday meeting, and still not sure that was the total problem.

Susi found some of Verena's family in some of the books she brought to share with others.
Mary found a Young in one of the books also.

Reminder, if your member was born prior to the countries development the boundaries changed many times. Not only county but state boundaries.  We were a colony prior to the Rev. War. and records were kept in town clerks offices, courts and by the British Empire.

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